Why Is Diversity Important On A College Campus?

Why Is Diversity Important On A College Campus?

When students are asked what they hope to get out of college, they usually give one of these two answers. The first is to get a good job after college while the second is figuring out who they are as individuals. Being a part of a diverse campus gives students the advantage of achieving both goals.

Diversity creates an atmosphere of understanding, acceptance, and respect for different cultures. Higher education institutions like Eastern Nazarene College believe that integrating diversity on campus enriches the educational experience of students and prepares students for the corporate world.

Enhances Personal Development
Attending college with a diverse campus shapes students perspectives of people and enhances their global knowledge. A diverse community also teaches students about the importance of their values and choices, helping them realize who they are while preparing them with the necessary skills to interact with people from different cultures.

“You learn that people are all different; we grow up in different backgrounds, in different cultures; but when you come to a place like ENC, all of those differences mix and people from all over the world come here to be educated. You learn so much about culture, about family, about lifestyle and it’s going to help you develop a better perspective on people” – Sarah Dutra, ENC Alumna ’11

Preparing for the Corporate World
CEOs of companies recognize that a diverse team makes way for a more innovative and successful company. Dr. Goodman, CEO of the Institute of International Education recognizes the impact a diverse atmosphere has for a student. “The careers of all of our students will be global ones, in which they will need to function effectively in multinational teams”.

Going beyond the classroom, ENC creates opportunities for students to enhance their experience and allow them to grow both individually and as a student body. The mission of ENC’s Department of Multicultural Affairs promotes the integration of different cultures with the goal of preparing students to become leaders in this global focused society. In an increasingly connected and globalized world, being part a diverse campus like Eastern Nazarene should be a focus for most students.

Posted by on July 28, 2015