Why Do People Go To a College Far From Home

Why Do People Go To a College Far From Home

college_far_from_homeGoing to a college far away from home is an idea most students love to entertain for one reason only, and that is to have the freedom to do what they want. A college environment in itself does more than just give a student freedom; it also equips them with the skills necessary to enter their field of choice with confidence. Below are three main reasons why you should consider going to a college far from home.

You Learn To Become More Independent
Going to college far from home gives you, the student the opportunity to take care of yourself. You learn how to do laundry, how to handle your finances and even how to cook for yourself. You learn skills that will prove to be beneficial in your life after college. Why? Because you do not have the luxury of going to mom and dad for everything; you learn to be independent.

You Have More Opportunities To Network
Attending a college far away from home gives you the opportunity to meet new people. Because there are not familiar faces on campus, you will have to branch out and make new friends, apply for a job and get involved in different clubs. Globalization is the core of our American society; therefore networking is a skill necessary for students to acquire and what better way to learn such a skill than moving to a new environment.

You Gain An Appreciation For Home
Going to a college far from Home also serves as a reminder of the fact that you are not at home. During the first few months of school most students get homesick, they miss mom, dad, friends, and pets. Being away from home gives the student a new appreciation of a home they might have taken for granted. It creates an excited feeling when the student returns home for holidays or summer vacation.

Attending college away from home has been an amazing experience. It has given me the opportunity to really grow as an individual. When I was choosing what school to go to I was between going to a school closer to home and ENC, which was on the other side of the country. I was nervous because I would have to make all new friends and navigate a new city. Now looking back, those have been the best things. I have made wonderful friends that I can’t imagine not being in my life. Choosing to attend ENC was the best choice I could have made and I love all of it. I recommend for every student who is debating where to go, do something different!

-Noelle Rudeen ’17 California

Posted by on November 11, 2015