Why Choose A College Close To Home?

Why Choose A College Close To Home?

close_to_homeOnce the offers start rolling in, acceptance letters are piling up and the tough decision has been made… you’re off to college and staying close to home is important –but why? Some college students that choose to go to school far away from home feel like they want to get away as if distance really matters. What they don’t understand is that once they’re on campus, they are away from home and making all their decisions themselves.

Being away from home can be 1000 miles or 10 miles; it really doesn’t matter, unless you want to go home for a visit. That’s when it really can hit, because if you’re all the way across the country, visits for the long weekend may not be an option until the next semester break. Here are a few reasons why going to college close to home can be a great decision for some students.

College Visits
Throughout the final year of high school, students and families are taking time to visit college campuses. This is a great time to see how you fit in, get a glimpse of the campus vibe and see if the school you like is too far from home or not. Here’s the good news about visiting a college like ENC for those of you that are from around New England. Our campus is highly accessible by train, just minutes from downtown Boston and easy to get to by car because ENC’s campus is close to I-93 and I-95. Regardless of where you are coming from, an ENC campus visit should be in your plans!

“One of the reasons I decided to attend ENC was because, on the first day I visited, I walked in through the front gate and immediately felt at home, like I was already welcomed; maybe it had to do with the beautiful trees and flowers. My visit was possible because I live only 2 hours away.  Living on a campus so close to home gives me the option of going home during the weekends, and breaks without spending too much on transportation. Also, attending a college close to home means I don’t have to sit through a long drive before I get home, take off my shoes, sit on the couch, watch TV while eating a delicious home cooked meal, and lastly, my favorite, going to sleep in my very own bed”.  – Vannessa Ebai – Hartford, CT

Mom’s Homecooking
College dining halls are great for cooking massive amounts of food in a short amount of time. Students can get pretty much get whatever they want to eat, and Mom won’t discipline them if they decide to eat deserts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner while skipping the veggies. Believe it or not, for some, this gets old after a while, and even college students begin to miss mom’s home cooking. Staying close to home gives students the opportunity to escape the frenetic college campus life and enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal!

If you decide to attend college close to home, you always have the option of taking a long weekend to see friends, get a yummy home-cooked meal and sleep in your own bed. Attending college close to home also saves a lot of money on your travel budget, because getting back and forth is much easier and more affordable than booking a flight for the holidays.
Check out ENC’s Fast Facts or contact an Admissions Counselor to learn more information about how ENC’s small Christian college campus results in dynamic opportunities for our students here in the Boston area and beyond!

Posted by on May 19, 2015