Where to Sell Your Used Textbooks

Where to Sell Your Used Textbooks

The semester is just about to end! It’s time to start thinking about selling your textbooks from this semester and buying the ones you’ll need for next semester. Whether you’re looking for cash, money on your debit card, or even an Amazon gift card, there are lots of ways to get some extra $$ for your used textbooks.

Textbooks for ENC Students Facebook Page – A group run by and for ENC students, you can post your book needs or the books you have to sell and other students will comment on what they’re willing to pay.

Amazon – Turn your old textbooks into an Amazon gift card with the Amazon add and a Amazon Trade-In Account. Open the app and click on the camera button in the search bar. Hold your book up in front of the camera and wait for the app to magically scan the book. If that book is available for a trade-in, you’ll see a trade-in value listed under the regular pricing options. Once you submit your trade-in order, Amazon will send you a pre-paid shipping label. All you had to do is drop off the package at the nearest UPS shipping center and you’re good to go!

Half.com (A division of eBay), Book Scouter, Chegg – You can list your books at whatever price you want and sell them at your own convenience. Most of these sites connect to either your debit card of your bank account for direct access to your earnings.

Can’t decide on which site to use? Check out Book Finder to compare prices points on various bookselling websites and make sure you’re getting the best deal!

Posted by on November 14, 2016