The Importance of a Mentor

The Importance of a Mentor

Having a mentor is crucial to every point of your life. No matter at what stage in your personal and professional life you may be in, having a mentor serves as a tremendous asset. A mentor is a person that you can confide in and share your journey with. Your mentor is there to provide support and advice. The ideal mentor would be an individual with substantial wisdom. A mentor can be a professor, a pastor, a social worker, or just anyone in the profession that you are ultimately planning to pursue

A mentor can serve as a person who can guide you and potentially keep you from making the same mistakes they might have made in the past. Mentors have the potential to open numerous doors for you, they may know of jobs, internships, and opportunities that you may have never known about. Mentors can also connect you with other influential individuals that may pave the way to your future success and accomplishments.

As a college student, at times we can feel lost and can want to give up. However, being persistent and following through with a mentor on a regular basis can make a drastic difference. When you have someone that can hold your hand during the most vulnerable times in your life, you tend to feel more confident and make wiser decisions versus a student who has no one to look up and ask advice from. All in all, having a mentor is highly recommended in the development of great habits and discipline to becoming a successful college student.

Use these steps to find and keep a successful mentor-mentee relationship.

1. Find a Mentor: ex; pastor, professor, advisor, anyone you feel comfortable sharing your academic, professional, and personal life with.

2. Set attainable goals with your mentor’s help.

3. Maintain mentor/mentee relationship with regular communication.

4. Keep your mentor updated on your life.

5. Most importantly, thank them for all their time and help.

IMG_6031-1Jennifer Glenn (Class of 2017) is a biology major with a minor in psychology. She enjoys singing and volunteering at the ER at MGH every Saturday morning. While at ENC she was a NERa Med prep recipient for three consecutive summers at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

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