The 2016 Summer Min Team Tells All

The 2016 Summer Min Team Tells All

Being part of a summer ministry team is a long-standing ENC tradition. A sort of rite of passage for those interested in possibly going into the ministry someday. We talked to one of last year’s teams and go them to tell us EVERYTHING about their experience. The ins and outs of surviving 2 months on the road and why they would all do it again.

32170039051_820035e286_oJared Johnson

Before you even start training be aware that the next two months will not be like anything else you have experienced before. God will be almost supernaturally present. What’s important is you don’t come back and get jaded realizing that’s just not how the average, everyday, reality of life is. There may even be days where you don’t know where God is at all. In those days, my best advice would be to “Be still, and know that [He] is God.”



32170040231_480b0f0bb8_oAmber Ervin

Prayer is key! When your team is frustrated…pray! When your team is unbelievably blessed…pray! When sound check is late and you might not have time to pray….PRAY! Don’t let the things of your busy regular life get into the mix of this amazing opportunity set apart for you especially by God. Spiritual warfare is real so CALL IT OUT, PRAY IT OUT, and WORSHIP ON!

Summer min is kind of like Peter walking on water. God has called you out, don’t lose your focus on him or you will sink, the devil will sow discord among you and the only thing you can do is check you self-obsession at the door and let it be all about Him!

32170043231_9d9bab8fb7_oChris Coppola

Perspective is key. Let’s face it, you WILL get aggregated at each other. Always try to think in the other person’s perspective.

Perception, many times, is different than intended. When someone says one thing with a certain intention, many times it is perceived differently. So being slow to the offense is one of the most important things you will need to practice.

Lastly, if you don’t spend time with God, your service will be dull. A mailman needs to go to the post office every day to receive his deliveries. In the same sense, we should be going to God every day to receive His word so we can deliver it.

You signed up to serve, not to be served. It’s not about us. It’s not about how cool we look or sound. It’s about serving God and His people. So when week 4 comes and you can’t believe you’re only halfway done and you just want to give up, remember that God planned you to be here, God wanted you here, and God knows you will get through it. So press on.

32170042461_456935a1db_oDavid Frye III

I think the key to being successful is understanding that you are going to get frustrated. You are going to get angry. You might even cry once or twice. And that’s okay! Recognize that summer ministry is tough. You are away from your friends and family and are stuck with a group of people all summer long. But also recognize that they are most likely dealing with the same issues. Know that you have 3 or 4 or 5 other team members that know exactly how you feel. Know that you are using the gifts that God has given you to serve his children. Know that you are making a difference that you cannot even imagine until the summer is over. You have given up your life, essentially, for a summer of ministry and that is worth so much to the kingdom of God. You are loved. People are praying for you. You matter.

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