Tale as Old as Time—Beauty and the Beast!

This fall, the ENC theater department is putting on one of the most classic Disney stories ever told – Beauty and the Beast. This story tells of an arrogant young prince who is turned into a hideous beast, and a small town girl who dreams of seeing the world and living out an adventure.

I recently sat down with Emily Crosta (Belle) about the show and asked her why she thinks people should come to support this production. She responded by saying “Beauty and the Beast is such a heartwarming story that everyone can come see. Not to mention the show is going to look beautiful, the set is going to be huge, the costumes are going to be gorgeous, we are going to have awesome lights. From all aspects, the show is going to be really amazing.”

The number be our guest, it is going to be magical. It is going to look so much fun with the dancing, all the costumes and to see all the objects everyone is going to be. I just think it’s going to look really spectacular when it’s all together,” said Emily, when asked about her favorite musical number in the show.

Everyone who is a part of this production is working extremely hard to create an amazing show for all to see. So grab your friends and family because this musical is something you will surely not want to miss out on!

Use this link to purchase tickets online! 

Brittney Mulvey is a sophomore at Eastern Nazarene College. She is double majoring in Theater for Social Justice and Communications Arts. She is involved in Gospel Choir, Acapella Choir, and the plays here at ENC. In her free time, she loves to sing, write, draw, hang out with friends, and watch Netflix.

Posted by on October 3, 2018