Preventing the Freshman 15

Preventing the Freshman 15

Don’t let the freshman 15 get you down. It’s easy to slip into unhealthy habits when there’s an endless buffet available all day every day. Whether it’s the freshman 15 or senior 15, a few easy changes will make a big impact.

Take the stairs – Get yourself in the habit of taking the healthier option and leave the elevators to those who really need it. Take the stairs and get that heart rate up. Plus, you’ll probably get to where you want to go faster!

Park the car – If you’re just making a run to Dunkin Donuts, the beach, or even the grocery store, leave the car on campus and walk. Our campus is just a short walk away from most anything you could need. Take the opportunity to get some exercise!

Turn off Netflix – It’s easy to go back after a busy day of classes and just veg in from of the TV or computer for hours at a time. Don’t do it! If you really need some down time watch an episode or two max, then get out and get moving. Walk to the beach, visit a friend, anything but sitting motionless staring at a screen.

1 plate – The joys of buffet eating can be dangerous when a second, third, or fourth helping is just a few feet away. Before you rush up to get more food, take a few minutes to let yourself digest and feel full. If you really need more food, take a smaller portion or try just a bit more.

Save the desserts – With ice cream and cookies available almost every day, the temptation to load up on sweets is strong. Consider leaving the desserts for special occasions like weekends or after a test. Fine in moderation, these treats shouldn’t be part of your daily diet.

Eat like your momma’s making you – Don’t neglect vegetables just because you’re not being forced to eat them. They’re available, they’re a healthy option, and yes, you should eat them. Remember the food pyramid from elementary school? It’s still important in college. Get your 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day!  

Posted by on October 27, 2016