President’s Day in the City of Presidents

President’s Day in the City of Presidents

As the home to two of the first ten Presidents of America, Quincy is aptly nicknamed the City of Presidents. With today being Presidents Day, it seemed a perfect time to highlight the history of our city and the great men and women who lived right here in Quincy, some even on the property of ENC’s campus!

Our 2nd President John Adams and his son, our 6th President John Quincy Adams, both lived here in Quincy. Over the course of almost 140 years, 4 generations of Adams lived in the old house at Peacefield, a beautiful purplish gray home just down the road from ENC’s Old Colony Campus. Today the home is operated by the National Parks Service and is open for tours. On the same property as the home is a stone library that holds over 12,000 books from the Adams families personal collection.

1496614_10152966902687189_3641982650146967744_n-1Across the street from Peacefield is the Dorothy Quincy Homestead. In this stately yellow home, the future wife of John Hancock first signer of the Declaration of Independence was born and raised. The home is available for hours during the summer as are the birthplaces of Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams are located just a few miles from Quincy Center, in Braintree.

Josiah Quincy Adams the 6th had his homestead on the current ENC property. Over the years the home was used for administrative purposes, as a classroom, and even as a dorm building. The home remained a part of campus until the late 1970s when it was replaced with Angell Hall. If you walk in the front door of Angell hall, you will see a black and white framed photo of the home on the wall on your right-hand side.

quincy_mansion_early20th_cen(Early-20th-century postcard of Quincy Mansion, which stood on ENC’s campus) Just a few blocks away from ENC’s main campus is the Quincy House. The home has been preserved as it was when it was actively lived in and is available for tours in the summer.
02_spiegel_front_8(Photo was taken by Josephine Speigel and Professor Stephens)

ENC’s campus is surrounded by important historical landmarks. Many of these sites have student discounts or even free passes. Take the opportunity to visit while you live nearby. You will wish you had once you graduate! To learn more about ENC’s unique history and how it relates to the landmarks in Quincy, click the link below. ENC’s History

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