Preparing Your Room for Christmas Break

Preparing Your Room for Christmas Break

Christmas is just a few weeks away! With campus closing in a mere 14 days, it’s time to start thinking about packing up. You don’t just need to pack your clothes, but you need to prepare your room as well. You’ll be gone for about a month and that’s just enough time for things to get funky if you don’t prep before you head home.

Take out the trash – The last thing you want to come back to is a foul-smelling room. Take that trash out to the dumpster!

Empty your fridge – Throw away any perishable items in your fridge and take the opportunity to clean out any dirt or dust that may have gotten in there.

Unplug everything (except your fridge) – Unplug EVERYTHING (lamps, chargers, microwave, power strips, etc…) in your room while you’re done and make sure there’s nothing leaning against any outlets.

Tidy room – Don’t leave with stuff all over the floor. Put your things away for an easy return after the break.

Shut all windows – Leaving windows open leaves your room susceptible to the elements and animals. Shut all your windows before you leave and lock them.

Return any cafeteria dishes or utensils – We’re sure you’ve never taken anything out of the cafeteria, But just in case you have…. use Christmas break as a chance to return anything that might have magically found it’s way to your room.

Set heating temp to low (young) – Over break the heat gets shut off in most of the dorm buildings. If you live in Young, turn your heat down to save on energy while you’re gone.

Turn off all lights – Before you head out, turn off all your lights.

Lock doors – It might seem like a no-brainer but every year people forget to lock their rooms. Be sure you leave everything secure before heading home.

Sign out with your RA – The final step before you can officially leave campus is signing out with your RA. A quick 2-minute room check is all that stands between you and the end of the semester!

Good luck with finals and don’t forget to sign up with your RA for a time slot to officially check out of your room.

Posted by on December 5, 2016