Learning to Adult: Stay Safe

Learning to Adult: Stay Safe

Part of being an adult is learning to take care of yourself and your belongings. Use these tips to keep yourself and your stuff safe.

Be aware of your surroundings – Whether you’re walking through Boston or downtown Quincy, take note of who and what is around you. Maybe don’t walk down a dark alley if there’s a well-lit sidewalk available. Don’t wear headphones when you’re walking back from the T at night. ENC is in one of the safest cities in Massachusetts, but regardless of where you live you should take normal precautions to ensure your safety.

Lock your doors – wherever you live, work, or travel, doors should be locked and windows closed when you leave your living space. Even in the safest of areas, things happen. Be smart about it and lock up when you leave.

Watch your belongings – Like all those annoying announcements at the airport say every hour on the hour, don’t leave your belongings in public places unattended at any time. Even on campus, you should always take your belongings with you, if only just for a quick bathroom run.

Use public spaces for entertaining – Use public spaces to hang out with friends, especially friends you just met. Going on a first date? Meet the person at your date location instead of having them come to where you live. Keep your personal space personal and private.

Posted by on January 26, 2017