How to Make the Most of Commuting

How to Make the Most of Commuting

by Jessy Anne Walters

Eastern Nazarene College is located right on Boston’s South Shore, making it a prime location for students to commute to school. However, commuting can sometimes be tricky so here are a few tips to help you be a successful commuter college student.

Get involved

This might be easier said than done because college might seem overwhelming, but once you get in the groove, getting involved will be worth it. Make the most of your college experience by getting to know your fellow classmates, professors, and community. Join clubs or teams, try out for a play, lead a small group! There are plenty of options, so find what you’re interested in or passionate about and get involved!


Plan ahead

Living off campus means you don’t have the luxury of running across campus in pajamas late for class. To avoid showing up late to class or an on-campus event, make sure you plan extra time before in case you hit traffic or can’t find your keys. Plan a little after class, too, just in case class runs late or you get distracted by friends on campus. Planning extra time ahead will help you stay stress-free and will make it easier to enjoy your time on campus.

P7140207Visit the cafe

Make sure you have snacks in your car and pack lunch when you can, but don’t forget about the cafeteria. Not only is it one of the least expensive food options around, but it’s also a great place to get to know classmates. You’ll get to choose from different food options every time you go, and you’ll get to hang out and make memories in one of the liveliest places on campus. And check out $2 meal days when you can eat at the cafeteria for just $2!


On-campus jobs

Getting an on-campus job is a great way to become part of the community. You’ll be able to earn some extra cash (maybe some gas money!) and get to know other students and employees. It’s also a great way to build your work experience and skill set!

Check your email

There’s nothing worse than traveling all the way to school just to find out class was canceled, especially if it’s canceled because of weather. Check your email before you leave for school each day so you’re not surprised by any cancellations or schedule changes. This is also a great way to stay updated on what’s happening on campus.

Commuting to school is a great option for college, especially when the campus is just eight miles away from Boston, but keep these tips in mind to make the most of your next few years. From clubs and teams to on-campus jobs and events, Eastern has so many ways for all kinds of students to get involved!

Posted by on October 9, 2017