Graduation Countdown: What to and not to do between now and graduation

Graduation Countdown: What to and not to do between now and graduation


Graduation is just a few weeks away! The personal and academic to-do list is hopefully getting shorter as the date gets closer. Whether you can’t wait to get out or your getting sad about leaving campus, this is an emotional time for students. We’ve lived through that and wanted to pass on our best to-dos and not-to-dos to help you make it to May 6th.


Watch the last episode of any TV show. It’s sad and you’ll get super emotional. Especially don’t watch the last episode of Friends.

Play too much Sarah Mclaughlin or Kenny G. Turn off the sad stuff and get pumped up to walk across the stage with some LMAFO or JT.

Think about all the things you didn’t get to do. Instead, focus on what you HAVE done. We all had goals for things we wanted to accomplish in college, chances are not all of them happened. That’s life!

Forget to take pictures of your friends! With graduation just around the corner, try to preserve the memories by taking pictures with your friends.


Focus on spending time with friends. You’ve only got a few more weeks where you get to live with your best friends. Spend time with them and enjoy the time you’ve got.

Explore Boston. Whether you’re staying in Boston after graduation or not, take this time without finals to get out and see all Boston has to offer.

Ask professors for a recommendation letter. Whether you have jobs pending or not, you’re going to eventually need a letter of recommendation and your professors will be able to write the best one now when you’re fresh in their mind. Learn how to ask for a recommendation letter, in our blog post from last week.

Posted by on April 28, 2017