Graduation Countdown: Timelapse of the Graduation Set Up

Graduation Countdown: Timelapse of the Graduation Set Up

Graduation is just 1 week away!

In 7 days seniors will be walking across the stage, receiving their diploma, and taking a final picture with Dr. McGee. In just under 150 hours you’ll be taking pictures in your cap and gown with friends and family. Your 4 (or more) years of college have all been leading up to this special day and we are excited to watch each senior get recognized for their hard work.

While you’re off having breakfast or getting ready, the ENC facilities crew is hard at work setting up hundreds of chairs for your friends and family on Wolly lawn. This hyper-lapse from a few years ago is still super mesmerizing. Can’t Look. Away. Time-lapse of chairs video:

After the set up is complete, it’s time for all your friends and family to claim their spot on the lawn. When Saturday comes, be sure to thank your personal cheer squad for coming. You’ve worked hard the past few years and you’re friends and family have too! They’ve supported you for the past 22ish years of your life and this is a big moment for them too! Time lapse of people video:

Just a few more days. Enjoy these final days on campus and spend time with your friends. The real world is fast approaching! 8 days and counting!!

Posted by on April 28, 2017