Get to know Dr. Dan Boone

Get to know Dr. Dan Boone

by Jessy Anne Walters

As freshmen fill the dorms and last year’s students head back to campus, they might notice a new face around campus. That face would be president-elect Dan Boone. At first glance, students might just see a typical college president hanging around in shiny shoes and a nice tie, but Boone is far from that.P8010020.jpg

Boone sat down for a recent for a Q&A, so students could get to know the real Dan Boone.

What are your favorite things about ENC?

“The students. I find the students here just remarkably lovable, creative, engaged, and fun. We, Denise and I, have fallen in love with the students that are here at ENC. I think the second one would be the people who are here. They are deeply dedicated because many of them have sacrificed through the tough years that the college has had to be here. Their dedication is humbling to me, just to see how committed they are to making this place work well. I’m loving the employees I’m meeting here at the school. And I love being able to walk two blocks and eat fish and chips on the shore. That is really fun.”

What is your first memory of ENC?

“I really got to begin to know the school when I preached for their campus revival, I couldn’t tell you what year it was, I’ve spoken and lectured here two or three different times and that’s when I came to the campus and got to know it a little bit.”

What comes to mind when you think about your own time in college?

“I went to college quite shy and I think one of the biggest choices of my life was the decision to run for sophomore class president. Because I never really viewed myself as much of a leader at that point, and I ran for that and was accepted by my peers and then two years later lost the election for student body president. But both of those, winning the one and losing the other, were both very formative influences on my life at that point and I’m really grateful. I think it was a Nazarene college that really gave me confidence that I could lead and I don’t know that I would have gotten that anywhere else.”

Can you talk a bit about your family?

“Denise and I met at Trevecca, we were married between our junior and senior year at Trevecca. So we graduated as a married couple together. The family, three daughters – all three married, all three living in Nashville – and we have six, and by October we’ll have seven, grandkids and it’s a blast having the whole family within driving distance.”

What’s been one of the happiest moments of your life?

“Marrying Denise, just enjoying our life together. We’ve shared phenomenal happy moments. Family vacations have been wonderful. The next tier of happy moments would have to be Commencement. It’s the one time that a college president gets to see the fruit of a ton of labor, all the way from fundraising to provide scholarship so you can go out recruit students, and landing them and educating them. The Commencement exercise is kind of like harvest time for a farmer, there’s a sense of this is what the crop looks like and this crop of people is ready to go out into the world and do good things. I love the whole Commencement weekend.”

Where is your favorite place to travel to? 

“We like the mountains a lot so I’d say either the Smokies or the Rockies. We just enjoy both of them. The Rockies in the summer because the humidity is so low and probably the Smokies in the fall.”

Do you have any favorite places in Boston? 

“I love the Kennedy museum, I was there years ago and it’s a cool place. The Freedom Trail, I’ve done it twice now and both times I loved doing it.”

Is there anything else you think students should know about you?

“Denise is a lot more extroverted than I am, and she draws her energy from engaging with students. I find joy in working for them and trying to make their lives better, and she finds joy in actually being with them and doing fun stuff with them. We’re just thrilled to be here.”

Whether you’re on campus for the first time or starting your final semester if you see Boone on campus make sure to stop him and say “hi!” He’s here for the students and wants to know them, he’s even been known to smile for the selfie stick from time to time.

Posted by on August 28, 2017