ENC’s 20 Clubs and Ministries

ENC’s 20 Clubs and Ministries

Did you know that ENC has 20 clubs, ministries, and on-campus organizations? Between ALANA, investment club, and JUMP Drama ministry, there’s something for everyone! Finding a like-minded group of people who are passionate about the things that matter to you is a great way to make friends and get involved. These are just a few of the many groups you could join, see one you like?

ALANA – ALANA’s goal is to celebrate cultures that are represented on and off campus, and to help educate the campus about as many cultures as possible through events.

Anointing Revolution  A ministry focused on praise dancing in worship

Basement Shrader Club – To be a resource or guide to students of the physics, math, and engineering departments. They meet Wednesday @ 8pm.

Business Society – The Business Society is a student-led organization in the Business Division at Eastern Nazarene College that aims to cultivate a students interest in business, encourage dedication to making improvements within the department, as well as connecting Eastern Nazarene College with local businesses and the business environment. The society meets on Mondays from 10:30am-11:30am in the Trading Room at the Old Colony Campus.

Center for Responsibility and Justice – The Center for Responsibility and Justice (CRJ) at Eastern Nazarene College was founded in 2010 and its vision is to raise awareness and develop leaders to engage in impactful initiatives, which promote equality and create a just and responsible society.

Commuter Council – The Commuter Council is an organization which seeks to connect commuter students with the ENC campus community.

English Club – English club is a multi-dimensional group that serves as an umbrella term to include any and all writing. Specifically, we have the long and short fiction writing group and the poetry group but we are always welcome to any kind of writing that could possibly be happening.

H.O.P.E – Help and Options for the Prevention of Exploitation is an organization coordinating with the Center for Responsibility & Justice in seeking to raise social conscious while providing opportunities for meaningful engagement in anti-human trafficking work on the ENC campus and in the community.

History Club – History Club is a group of students led by history professors who enjoy events and activities focused on history.

International Students Club – To provide each international student with a core group of like-minded students to help aid their transition to college life in the USA.

Investment Club – The Investment Club is a student-led organization that has established a strategy to invest a million dollars in five different sectors ( i.e. pharmaceutical, green, finance, agricultural, and merchandise). Each student is committed to researching their investment portfolio and providing an informative and persuasive presentation regarding the stock activity and the reasons to invest in that particular company. Currently, the diverse portfolio consists of investments in two companies from each sector equating to a selection of ten companies that the students continue to monitor in order to enhance their revenue from their investments. The club meets Mondays from 3-4pm on the 1st floor of the library.

JUMP Drama – JUMP Drama is a group of students who perform together on and off campus. They meet Monday nights from 9-10pm in the RCA.

Prayer Warriors – Meeting Monday nights from 6-7pm & Wednesdays 4-5pm in Angell 22 this student group prays together for campus and for each other.

Psi Chi – The Psychology club, Psi Chi is for psychology majors and those interested in psychology.

SAAC – What is SAAC? A student-athlete advisory committee (SAAC) is a committee made up of student-athletes. The mission of ENC’s SAAC is to gather insight from student-athletes in order to develop leadership, academic excellence, and Christian faith. The SAAC works in conjunction with the NCAA and The CCC to enhance the complete student-athlete experience. We seek to encourage and facilitate the improvement of the student-athletes’ physical, mental, and spiritual well-being in order to present a positive image to the ENC student body, opposing teams, and the community.

Shrader Club – The Shrader Club aims to enhance the academic and spiritual experience of students in the Biology and Chemistry departments of Eastern Nazarene College. Events held are geared toward providing a social life for students often confined to lengthy lab hours, as well as an environment for studying and delving further into their fields.

Spirit Team – To develop positivity and ENC pride through the art of dance & entertainment

Student Association of Social Workers – Similar to Psi Chi, SASW is a group of student social work majors and students interested in the study of social work participating in events and activities together.

Team Fatty – The purpose and aim of Team Fatty is to foster a judgment-free environment where non-athletic students can participate in sporting events (intramurals) while also working to raise money and donations for hunger-fighting organizations.

The Lions Den – The purpose of this club is to further build unity and community at ENC mainly as a sporting event student section, supporting all athletes.

See a full list of ENC’s clubs and organizations at enc.checkimhere.com. If you ever have any questions about these groups or want to start your own, stop by the Student Government Office down the hallway beside Hebrews or email sga@enc.edu.

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