Advice from the 2016-2017 SGA

Advice from the 2016-2017 SGA

13600036_1115669698489774_1069377462659698487_nStudent Government is a great resume booster and for the students who get involved is often the most rewarding and challenging experience of their college career. We talked a few members of the current executive SGA and got their advice for the current candidates running for election.

Student Body President – Noelle Rudeen

Always show students why you are running, they want to know what you are passionate about and your reasons for choosing to run. Every student has different strengths and special talents, so show them off! When you are making posters let your personality and quirks shine through. Be creative, be caring, love ENC and be ready to serve students. At the end of the day, I would say be genuine! Just be yourself and have fun. You got this!

Director of Spiritual Life – Emily Ludwig

For students that are running for the Director of Spiritual Life position (or are thinking about it in the future): First of all, this job is a great way to get to know students! You’ll get to provide opportunities for students to worship together, to serve together and to keep Christ at the center of their four years here. It’s such a great position to journey with students, to hear their stories and to love, encourage and challenge them. Not only will this position stretch you, but you’ll also get to be a part of challenging your peers to grow in their faith. It’s such a humbling experience!

Director of Publicity – Jameson MacFarland

1) Have a plan and stick to it. Don’t get sidetracked by things that aren’t useful. 2) Put together a small and determined committee. You’ll need help and you need people who can be there for you. 3) Communicate early and communicate often. Don’t let silly communication errors keep you from making progress.
Friday is SGA chapel where campus gets to hear from each of the candidates running for Student Government. It’s a chapel you don’t want to miss! After chapel, students can cast their vote in the student center.

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