5 Tips to an A+ Paper

5 Tips to an A+ Paper


Don’t let your midterm papers get you down. Use your 5 tips to write a better paper!

  1. Create an outline – The first step to writing a good paper is knowing what you’re going to write about. Jot down a basic outline with the info you need to cover. Maybe include a specific number of paragraphs or the overarching topic for each of your paragraphs. The writer gets easier when you start with a clear idea of what you’re working towards.
  2. Write a thesis statement – Come up with one sentence that totally defines what your paper is about. Everything should boil down to this one statement that usually sits in your intro and conclusion paragraphs.
  3. Write an intro paragraph – A good intro paragraph tells the reader what the paper is about and hints at each of coming paragraphs. Don’t give away all the details, but suggest what’s to come. This paragraph is there to introduce the reader to the rest of your paper.
  4. Write a killer conclusion paragraph – Ending a paper on a good note is key to a good grade. Make sure your conclusion paragraph strongly states your point of view. Wishy-washy doesn’t earn good grades, but firm and deliberate does. Don’t forget to tie in your points from the meat of your paper. Like the intro, the conclusion should have a bit of everything.
  5. Proofread – Last but probably most important, is proofreading. A paper that has all the above, but is full of typos and spelling or grammar errors won’t be an A+ paper. It’s easy to overlook little things when you’ve been staring at the same document for hours. Ask a friend to read over your paper. You’ll be surprised by the things you didn’t notice.

With these 5 steps, you should be on your way to an A+ paper! If that’s not enough or you really want a great grade, visit CAS on the ground floor of the Nease Library and speak with a writing coach. It’s not just for the students who dislike writing, it’s for the student that really wants to do their best!

Posted by on October 6, 2016