5 Reasons to Work On Campus While In College

UnknownWorking a campus job has the potential to be a great experience, especially at a school like Eastern Nazarene College. There are multiple reasons why that is and I can give you a supervisor’s perspective on the advantages for students.

  1. Scheduling Flexibility
    Campus employers know that you are at ENC to attend classes and we support those academic endeavors first and foremost. While all the campus jobs expect you to manage your time, we also schedule your work hours to fit your class and homework needs. The bigger employers- Food Services and the ENC Learning Commons- have work shifts early in the morning, all throughout the day, until very late at night. You, the student, can decide how many hours you can handle and what times work for you, and your schedule is set.
  1. Location, Location, Location
    An on-campus job is just that- ON CAMPUS. That means little to no commute for you (once you get here if you are a commuting student) and that makes your time easier to manage.
  1. Opportunities for Advancement
    As a small institution, we trust student employees with many complex tasks. If you are hired in an office, at the library, or the preschool and remain at your chosen place, you will have the opportunity to grow, learn new skills, and take on serious responsibilities. These kinds of experiences make you more marketable upon leaving college, allow supervisors to write you stand-out letters of recommendation, and provide you with life skills. At the Learning Commons (where I’m a supervisor), for example, our iDesk employees have the opportunity to advance to senior student staff positions where they aid in equipment management, communicate with faculty, gain supervisory experience over their peers, and help with scheduling. I have seen other offices provide student employees with professional development or give them supervisory duties over sub-departments. This is an invaluable part of a holistic learning experience.
  1. Built-in Community
    There are many areas to engage with other students on this campus, and an on-campus job provides an immediate niche for students. A group of student employees that get hired together, trains together, solves problems together- this group become part of your identity as a student employee. Even within the Learning Commons, each individual department of student workers has their own jokes, their own “life shares” and their own distinctiveness.
  1. Grace To Grow
    I have no doubt that all the campus employers have high expectations of job performance and commitment, the same as we do at ENCLC. However, we also view campus jobs as a learning experience, as a place to help students understand what they love to do, what they are good at, and what they struggle with.  We have very clear policies and behavioral expectations, but we also work with students who make job-related mistakes in order to help them be the best employee they can be for us, and for their future.

Perhaps what is underneath all of these advantages is this: when you work for an ENC employer, you have supervisors who genuinely care about you as a person, who want to see you succeed as a student, and who enjoy watching you mature through your work experiences.

“It was super interesting working with so many managers,” commented recent graduate Leah Anderson (2015), and student worker for Nease Library, Center for Academic Success, and the General Education department. “Every boss has a different approach to solving problems and I learned a lot from those experiences.”

Written by Erin McCoy

Erin McCoy (MLIS) is the Librarian for Instruction and Digital Media at Nease Library. She also supervises the work in the ENC Archives, which collects and mains the history of the college. Erin enjoys librarianship because of the variety that is inherent in the job. In one day’s work, she can teach students how to find relevant information for an assignment, update the library website, meet with faculty about new technologies, and plan library events. It is a profession dedicated to life-long learning, which is why Erin is excited to come to work every day.

Posted by on April 13, 2016