4 Easy Cheap Christmas Dorm Decor and Craft Ideas

Being away from home around the holidays can be tough. Decorate your dorm room and get into the Christmas spirit with these 4 easy crafts that you can create for just pennies down at the IRC in the basement of the library.

1. Good Ole’ Fashion Paper Snowflakes



Instructions: First, get/make a square piece of paper. then, fold the paper in half so two opposite points meet. Continue folding the paper in half to create a multi-pointed snowflake. To create a circle, round off the open edge of your folded paper. Cut shapes into your folded paper and once you unfold, voila, you have a snowflake!

2. 3D Christmas Stars


We found these fun 3D Christmas Stars on Homemade Gifts.The multidimensional shape is so fun! We used the download from their website with 3 sizes of stars to create the pieces you see on the SDO bulletin board.

  • Extra Crafty: Visit the IRC and get a few sheets of the special patterned paper they have for sale for extra cute stars.

3. Paper Chains

You remember making these as a kid, right? This is the easiest of our holiday decor ideas. Simply cut strips out of paper and make loops that connect to form a chain. Easy. So easy a 3-year-old could do it. Literally. Make a chain of fun colors, fun paper, or cut up old homework and celebrate the end of a semester.

4. Cover Something in Christmas Wrapping Paper

Whether it’s your desk, your door, or your textbooks, put those gift wrapping skills to the test for the sake of festive cheer. Visit the dollar store for some Christmas wrapping paper and get started!

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Posted by on November 21, 2017